Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Music Thursday

It's been a busy few weeks in the Progress household, so I'm opting for the lazy man's post on updates to the old iTunes roster.

Actually, I've discovered some very cool new music -- my two favorite finds being Jon McLaughlin (or visit his MySpace profile), whom I heard on Sirius 9 (The Pulse) and Low Stars, who do the opening song for What About Brian -- perhaps my new favorite show as it's the thirtysomething of the millennium. As an aside, for some inane reason, thirtysomething has yet to be released on DVD, but Amazon has had an "email me when it's available" function enabled for years.

Perhaps the best feature on iTunes (and the most time consuming) is the Listeneres Also Purchased, which links you to at least 5 or 6 other artists whose music is similar to what you're browsing. An excellent way to start in a genre and dive deep to the rarely played and undiscovereds.

Incidentally, I'm a new convert to satellite radio. I always wondered what the big deal was, but now that I have it in the new car on free trial for a year, I'm 100%hooked.

Drum roll, please, for my two new favorite playlists...

sunday comics:
industry - jon mclaughlin
not ready to make nice - dixie chicks
undiscovered - james morrison
farifax - william tell
world - five for fighting
thinking about you - norah jones
home - daughtry
gravity - john mayer
under the influence - james morrison
beautiful disaster - jon mclaughlin
shoo be doo - macy gray
maybe tonight - william tell
reality - jonathan clay
wasting my time - jackson waters
good life - andy davis
makes me happy - matt white band
praying to the wrong god - jon mclaughlin
worth taking - rob blackledge
passenger seat - stephen speaks
set me free - pat mcgee band
human - jon mclaughlin

what about me:
calling all friends - low stars
here (in your arms) - hellogoodbye
the guide - borne
the beauty in ugly - jason mraz
love, love, love - low stars
tell me 'bout it - joss stone
you give me something - james morrison
sometimes it rains - low stars
say ok - vanessa hudgens
need a friend - low stars
strangers again - ari hest
bound - christopher jak
stolen - dashboard confessional
finally made me happy - macy gray
easily - borne
the drfiter - david poe
tracks in the rain - low stars
chicago - ingram hill
unplayed piano - damien rice & lisa hannigan


At 4:00 PM, Blogger Mr Big Dubya said...

Welcome to satellite! Especially where we are, satellite is a necessity. I've had mine since April 2005 and I'm never giving it up.

At 11:53 PM, Anonymous LA Daddy said...

I don't get the satellite thing still. A lot of the new cars we looked at had it. It figures that the one I picked out didn't have it. I opted for the bitchin' rims instead.

Of course, I also see no need for an iPod, so what do I know?


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